pod people six
pod people six

pod people six

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5" x 7" x original watercolor  on watercolor paper, daily message included. comes with mat and backer board in a crystal clear bag

this is a one-of-a-kind piece.
every now and again the "pod people" come for a visit.  usually they come through in a painting that is underway.  I see a form and bring it to life.  with this series they appeared from a blank page and for 21 days they brought with them an image and a message.
these "pod people" have requested that I share this series with you.  may the perfect message find its way to you and may it support you in your highest and greatest good.
Message Day Six:

message from the “pod people” this morning. A bit cryptic and scattered and then it all came together at the end.
what are you restricting yourself from receiving?
what is the resistance in receiving what you desire?
how many times can you reuse the excuses before they crumble completely?
Let it go.
it comes back.
release it and it comes back around.
this recycling of old stories and outdated patterns is not serving you or anyone around you.
can you reduce the number of times that you allow and comply with the part of yourself that is not you?
it is trying to keep you safe.
It is restricting you from living your own life.
step out of the cage.
it is time to fly.
you’re free.
you are actually free.
in case you were wondering. or hoping or wishing.
you’ve been free all along.
the only one restricting you is you. the only one restricting resisting is you.
the only one who can receive it is you.