pod people seventeen
pod people seventeen

pod people seventeen

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5" x 7" x original watercolor  on watercolor paper, daily message included. comes with mat and backer board in a crystal clear bag

this is a one-of-a-kind piece.
every now and again the "pod people" come for a visit.  usually they come through in a painting that is underway.  I see a form and bring it to life.  with this series they appeared from a blank page and for 21 days they brought with them an image and a message.
these "pod people" have requested that I share this series with you.  may the perfect message find its way to you and may it support you in your highest and greatest good.
Message Day seventeen:

message from the “pod people” today…
take what you’ve learned and say thank you.
give gratitude for the lessons.
now is the time to work smarter not harder.
no overexerting or forcing.
driving, striving, pushing, grabbing cause stress and upsets our systems.
provide space for creation.
invite it in; welcome, have a seat!
let’s sit a spell.
manifestation by invitation.
energy arrived as if by magic.
wisdom in being instead of doing.
allow your presence to invite that which you wish to receive.
I do not edit the messages I receive from the “pod people.” somedays they make sense and others not so much.
their arrival comes when it comes and leaves when it leaves.
this dance has been going on for years and I have gone from being afraid of them to embracing them.
I can tell by their messages that they sense that change.